CABINS A - FCabins A & B

These historic one-room cabins vary in size but have on thing in common ... no restrooms! What they lack in plumbing they make up in charm! We describe them as wooden tents and guests request them for that "mountain camping" experience.

Campers share restroom facilities with the Lower Osprey Lodge. All together these cabins sleep up to 43 guests.


Sleeping Capacity For Cabins A-F

Cabins  E&F

Cabin A = 9  

Cabin B = 6                 

Cabin C = 4

Cabin D = 4

Cabin E = 12     

Cabin F = 12

(JUNE - AUGUST Cabins C & D are used for Summer Staff)






Renovated to more comfortably host your most honored guest, the Speakers Cabin has space for some one on one counseling or just a little extra elbow room for your guest speaker! This quaint cabin sleeps four and contains its own private bathroom and small living area.





(The Speakers Cabin is available September - May)



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